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MIT OSE 讀書會 6/12 Lab4


time quantum -->
  --> CURT v1
    * Scheduling policy
    The scheduler is called in the following two cases:    
    - SCHED_TIME_EXPIRE : when thread's time_quantum value is 0.    
    - SCHED_THREAD_REQUEST : Request the execution for higher priority thread.   defined in prio_exist_flag
 - The rate monotonic (RMreal-time scheduling algorithm does not support such dynamic systems very well.
    - book for Realtime system 

 realtime scheduling RM
 realtime scheduling RMA
 realtime scheduling EDF (Earliest deadline first scheduling)
Speaker at FreedomHEC 2012
Insop Song:Insop Song是Ericsson的資深軟體工程師. 主要負責開發先進的網路設備.之前他曾開發過多種即時系統包括工業級機器人系統,自動化系統以及高解析度數位相機系統.也曾經撰寫與研究即時系統與Linux,同時曾在Ericsson領導一個大型網路設備的Linux移植計畫.目前他正進行的一個計畫是將reservation-based scheduler應用在電信設備.

ARM Big Little

big.LITTLE Processing
big.LITTLE processing addresses one of today’s industry challenges: how to create a System on Chip (SoC) that provides both high performance as well as extreme power efficiency to extend battery life. big.LITTLE connects the performance of the ARM Cortex-A15 MPCore™ processor with the energy efficiency of the Cortex-A7 processor, and enables the same application software to be seamlessly switched between them. By selecting the optimum processor for each task big.LITTLE can extend battery life by up to 70%

ARM semihosting

     -- F4OS   -- re-implement from xv6 

 ST-Link +-- v1
              +- v2
   STLINK --> Firmware
   USB->JTAG  ---> ST-LINK